Updating your subscription

It is important to keep your subscription up to date to avoid your account being suspended.  

Accounts more than 35 days overdue enter a state of suspension.  It is also important to keep your contact email address up-to-date as this is where we send account information.

Please use the update your payment details link in your back office. Login here

If you have elected to pay via credit card, please ensure that the details we have on file are correct.  
The most common reasons for a credit card payment being declined are:
1. your credit card has expired,
2. your expiry date may have changed or
3. you may need to add funds to your account.

If you would prefer to update your details over the phone, please call artHIVES on 1300 278 448.

Prefer to Pay By Direct Deposit?
Annual subscribers also have the option to make payment by Direct Depost.  Please contact us if you would like our bank account details.

Prefer to pay by Direct Debit?
Monthly subscribers can now also pay by Direct Debit. Please download the Direct Debit Request form below and return it to:
PO Box 1344
Maleny, Queensland, 4552

Having difficulty paying?
We understand the feast or famine financial cycle of being an artist. 

Should you ever have difficulty paying your subscription prior to expiry, please contact us so we can work out a flexible personalised solution - we would rather keep your website up and running and hopefully leading to your next big sale or opportunity.