Pinto and Folio

For many years Sandy Okalyi has been part of artHIVES, and is a past exhibitor at Doggett Street Studio. Sandy would like to let other artists know about an opportunity she hopes many will embrace and benefit from.  A couple of months ago Pinto Gallery opened its doors to emerging and established artists. The gallery is available for weekly and fortnightly exhibitions, its a large industrial space, centrally located and available and very affordable rates.

Emerging from this project is ‘Folio’, an opportunity for artists to submit examples of their work (A4 paper and PDF) which will be gathered together as a large folio for access by designers, architects and creatives wishing to incorpoate artists into to future projects. Pinto Gallery is currently in discussions with a local entrepreneur who is keen to work with visual artists. For further information please email the gallery or drop by the gallery located at the old Peters ice-cream factory Boundary street, West End, Queensland.