Elizabeth Poole's Installations and exhibition

From 25 September until 1 October Elizabeth Poole, in the company two other independent ephemeral artists, Corrie Wright and Judy Barrass, created installations in the grounds of Spicers Tamarind Retreat at Maleny. In response to the site and thanks to RADF sponsorship via Arts Connect Inc., all three artists devised completely different works. Poole labelled her work Agrarian Memories - a tribute using string patterning on the remaining farm fences, as well as utilising old discarded fencing wire. All of Poole's work was white in order to invoke the idea of memory. Of the work, Elizabeth states In this work I am utilising very old fencing wire which has been discarded by farmers as they replace old fences over the decades. While alluding to rural characters long past, the larger abstract forms are as tangled memories ... the string songs are in response to patterning possibiities inherent in barbed wire fencing.

In late October Elizabeth Poole also exhibited about 80 two and three dimensional works at the studio of Tim Bennetton Architects, West End. While the exhibition officially ended on 7th November works will continue to be available through this source, and can be viewed by appointment [ ph. 07 3846 0064 ] or on Elizabeth's website.