About the Instruction Manual

Most aspects of building and editing your artHIVES website should be self evident by the presence of onscreen prompts and instructions. This instruction manual is designed to compliment the general intuitive design of the artHIVES editing system. Advanced users may find little reason to consult this manual, however it is recommended that all users read the Troubleshooting section.

Changing Homepage Image

The main image area on your home page will accommodate any sized image. It is advisable to limit the width to 800 pixels wide and the height of this image to less than 400 pixels. Images that are smaller than these dimensions will be centred in the middle of the page.

To upload a home page image
1. Click the HOME PAGE/FRONT PAGE link in the YOUR WEBSITE section of your back office.
2. On the YOU ARE EDITING: HOME PAGE/FRONT PAGE page, click the BROWSE button.
3. Select the jpeg or gif file from your hard drive (or another drive) which will place the name of the file in the text box.
4. If this is the correct file click the UPLOAD button.
5. To replace this image repeat the process
6. To delete this image click the delete button on the YOU ARE EDITING: HOME PAGE/FRONT PAGE page.

NB. You must refresh your browser when viewing the change to your homepage image.
See: I cant change my homepage image