LinkedIn is a fantastic way to connect with potential employers, employees and clients, so you can't afford to let your profile languish. Ideally, you should be logging in every day and making sure that you're interacting with the community and keeping your presence up to date and buoyant.

If you find it a struggle to give your LinkedIn profile the attention it really needs, try these five daily tasks and you'll soon find your presence is given a new lease on life.

1. Get chatting

Being vocal is one of the best ways to maximise your profile. Keep a close eye on your feed and be sure to comment on people's posts, updates and questions. It's also well worth joining conversations and adding your opinion in relevant groups – this will give you a chance to grab the attention of people who aren't already following you.

2. Write recommendations

One of LinkedIn's most valuable features is the fact that it allows people to write recommendations about the people you've worked with over the years. This is fantastic for building both your reputation and theirs, so always leave a recommendation when you have the opportunity. It helps get your name out there and there's always the chance they will reciprocate.

3. Reach out

LinkedIn has a nifty feature that allows you to see the people who've viewed your profile. Make it work for you by keeping an eye on who these viewers are. You can check out their profiles too and, if it looks as though you could have a mutually beneficial relationship, send them a message or ask to connect.

4. Ask a question

Get people in your network thinking by asking a question. This is a good way of attracting attention and showing that you're switched on. If you have questions that are specific to your industry, all the better, but if you're struggling for a topic, why not ask people how they got where they are today or what kind of challenges they've faced in their career – anything that's good for getting a dialogue going. Asking questions in specific groups you are part of will help attract the answers you’re looking for.

5. Publish a blog

Earlier in the year, LinkedIn started rolling out publishing to all users. Blogs are excellent for building your authority on a subject, and the more current your topics, the better for pulling readers over to your profile. You don't have to publish a blog every day – it's more of a weekly or fortnightly task – but do keep an eye out for interesting topics whenever you log in.

Make your LinkedIn profile work hard for you by devoting a small amount of time each day to some simple tasks – it's well worth the investment.