Dead Bird Diary

Sally Duhig's exhibition, Dead Bird Diary, will be at Woolloongabba Art Gallery from Tuesday 7 April until Saturday 2 May 2015. Sally has been collecting dead birds for some time and making a dead bird diary. With both pathos and humour the drawings, paintings and sculptures in the exhibition consider the birds' deaths and their future. The Dead Bird Diary has become a collaborative project where 35 people have become involved in making contributions. Empathy draws these people together who, like Sally, find birds beautiful, free and fascinating but also find them fascinating to look at when they are still. Dead Bird Diary is a unique response to the birds in Duhig's collection and to the people who have become involved.

Woollongabba Art Gallery, 613 Stanley St, Woolloongabba (07) 3891 5551, Tuesday - Saturday 9am -5pm.


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This exhibition has changed to Tuesday 7th April to Saturday 2nd May 2015 (it was originally scheduled from 3 - 14 March).