Sasi Victoire Watermark at Tank Arts Centre

Cairns based printmaker, Sasi Victoire has just returned from a residency in Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be exhibiting the resulting works in Watermark at Tanks Arts Centre (Tank 4, 46 Collins Street, Edge Hill, Qld) from 19 April to 12 May. The residency provided the artist with the opportunity to be challenged in a foreign environment and bring new influences to her work. It is also an opportunity to forge links with staff and students of Chiang Mai University, through collaborative works. Chiang Mai University is a centre for printmaking similar to Cairns, North Queensland and the residency provides a fertile ground for future exchanges and dialogue between Cairns and Chiang Mai. In recent years both Chiang Mai, Thailand and North Queensland, Australia have been subjected to heavy flooding, loss of lives, loss of property and devastation due to a deluge of water. Both countries have been impacted by water. It is a commodity so precious for life yet with a paradoxical capacity to devastate humankind by either its scarcity or by its abundance. These shared experiences reinforce the need for awareness of climate change while highlighting the amazing resilience shown by people to surmount difficulties under the impact of water. Sasi Victoire uses visual elements from both Australian as well as Thai communities to inform her work. The title alludes to the reliance on mark making, a process extensively used in printmaking. It also refers to the physical and the psychological marks left by the effect of the abundance or scarcity of water on humanity.